Laser Hair Removal

Arpie’s hair and Beauty Salon offers non-invasive, clean and relatively painless treatment for the permanent reduction of hair. Suitable for any body area and size, from bikini lines and axilla to larger areas such as hands, legs, back, shoulders and abdomen. Our unique smoothpulse technology is safe and reliable, offering excellent hair removal results, with minimum discomfort.

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About Pulsed Light Treatment

Q: What is pulsed light?
A: Pulsed Light systems use hand-held flash lamps that emit gentle pulses of light which are absorbed in different skin lesions. Excellent long term results are achieved when treating hair, superficial capillaries, skin pigmentation, acne and other skin lesions.

Q: How does light-based technology work?
A: Light based technology is based on a method called "selective photothermolysis," which works by selective destruction of a specified target without damaging surrounding tissue. When treating textural complaints such as fine wrinkles and large pores, the light stimulates the growth of collagen which makes the skin glow and look more youthful.

Q: Are pulsed-light aesthetic treatments painful?
A: No. During the procedure, a slight, momentary stinging sensation may be felt, but not pain.

Q: Are pulsed-light aesthetic treatments safe?
A: All pulsed-light treatments are non-invasive and safe, with minimum side effects.

Hair removal for aesthetic and attractive appearance

  • Permanent reduction of hair
  • Clean and relatively painless treatment
  • Relatively small number of treatments to obtain results
  • Effective solution for all patient profile
  • Non-invasive, safe and reliable
  • Thousands of satisfied clients
Guelph Ontario Hair Salon - Laser Hair Removal

Before Laser Hair Removal

Arpie’s laser hair removal before example one
Arpie’s laser hair removal before example two

After Laser Hair Removal

Arpie’s laser hair removal after example one
Arpie’s laser hair removal after example two

Once you have gotten rid of the hair you don't want, we want to make sure you treat the hair you do want with the finest hair care products available. Our Salon carries a wide range of luxury products designed to revitalize and care for hair of all types.

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**Important Information

Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic option for many but there are some conditions that must be met in order to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. Before we proceed with your Laser Treatments, there is some important information we need from you.

Please print off these forms and read / fill them out prior to booking your appointment for Laser Hair Removal

Contraindications and Treatment Cautions New Treatment Forms Photosensitive Medication List

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Pricing

Laser Hair Removal

Full Face $150.00
Side of Face $70.00
Upper Lip $50.00
Chin $75.00
Neck $110.00
Shoulders $200.00
Underarms $80.00
Upper Arms $110.00
Lower Arms $110.00


Full Arms $220.00
Hands $80.00
Chest $260.00
Upper Chest (m/f) $130.00
Lower Chest (m) $130.00
Abdomen $120.00
Bikini $90.00
Brazillian $115.00
Buttocks $200.00


Upper Back $150.00
Lower Back $150.00
Back $300.00
Upper Legs $220.00
Knees $85.00
Lower Legs $180.00
Full Legs $400.00
Feet $90.00

Skin Rejuvenation

Full Face $150.00
Package of 4 Treatments $555.00
Rosacea Cheek / Nose Area $100.00
Rosacea Full Face $150.00
Broken Capillaries / Cheek $75.00
Individual Sun Spots / Face $75.00


(Price Per Session ** Pricing varies per client)
* Packages prices available upon request

Once you walk through the front doors you'll realize Arpie’s is much more than just a hair salon

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Laser Hair Removal Special Offer!

"NOW is the time to start your laser hair removal and be bikini ready for summer! Check out our special offer available for a limited time only:

Small body parts - $99.00 for 3 sessions includes lip , chin, sides of face, neck, or underarm.

Medium body parts - $179 for 3 sessions includes lower arm, upper arm, or bikini line.

Large body part - $279.00 for 3 sessions includes stomach, Brazilian, lower leg or upper leg.

Extra Large body part - $369.00 for 3 sessions includes back, chest, full leg.

Come in for your consultation today and be hair free and carefree tomorrow!

*Attention most clients require a minimum of 6 sessions. All six sessions may be purchased upfront. Price per body part. "

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